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Subject: SOYAL’s Multi-functional Acces...
Content: Looking for the right access control systems for your office or building? More and more organization...

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SOYAL’s Multi-functional Access Control Systems Help Boost Workplace Productivity and Address a Full Spectrum of Operational Needs

Source:Taiwan External Trade Development Council
Revise Date:2021-07-30
Looking for the right access control systems for your office or building? More and more organizations are looking to automate the workplace to boost productivity and lower costs. However, deciding on what to automate first is a big challenge because many workflows or processes within an organization have been in place since long ago. Studies show that business owners seem to desire facility management and administrative automation the most.

Security is a top priority for businesses of all sizes. Implementing an access control system helps minimize the risk of unauthorized access to any physical or logical office systems. Moreover, the access controller today is much more than a door, lock, and key. It is a multi-dimensional ecosystem that can address a full spectrum of operational needs such as employee attendance, alarm clocks, and voice communication.

SOYAL TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD, established in 1993 in Taiwan, is a 30-year manufacturer and security solution provider for smart access control systems. It offers both hardware and software solutions that enable the transfer of data between various systems. Successfully combining access control software with employee attendance, salary calculation and Graphic Animation Monitoring, SOYAL has become one of the leading enterprises in the industry of access control systems. It even extends its business into the hotel and parking lot field, and holds a high market share locally. Moreover, it has more than 200 reliable distributors worldwide.

SOYAL offers a broad range of smart-living products including RFID access control system, biometric identification system, time and attendance system, room control system, and Automatic Industrial I/O Control System. All products are able to integrate with the web-based software or mobile APP applications, allowing users to operate SOYAL products without worrying about hardware updates, software compatibility, and new installation.

SOYAL’s latest product is the Multi-functional LCD Access Controller (Model #: AR-837ER). This controller is electronically powered to support 16,000 user-capacity (future upgrades available). It supports RFID Card and password as the keys to open the door. The backlight on the screen makes it convenient to use even in the dark. The controller also comes with software that provides time and attendance reports. Reports with real-time tracking of each exit and entry throughout the day. This tracking function charts out activities within a workplace and helps curb any employee management issues.

Other features of this 32-character blue LCD Access Controller include: multi-language menu setting, built-in watchdog, tamper switch, ingress protection, zone alarm setting, and 8 sets of time attendance mode (Duty On/Off, Break Out, Break Return, Overtime On/Off, holiday edit).

As a company grows with more employees, a multi-functional access control system is effective and cost-saving. It can be difficult to manage a large group of employees and know exactly which employees have access to certain zones, and which own one or more physical keys. With a digital access control solution, if an employee joins or departs an organization, the authorized personnel can simply re-configure the system, and grants or denies access.

An access control automation system is a powerful tool that can be used to eliminate manual processes, identify inefficient workflows, and facilitate informed decision-making. Looking for the right access control systems for your office or building? Get a multi-functional access control system today from SOYAL to boost your workplace productivity.


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Published Date:2021-07-30