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Content: A pushbutton switch is a switch designed to accommodate a human finger that controls a machine or ap...

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SHANPU, the 40-year Manufacturer, Offers Pushbutton Switches. Customization in all Styles, Colors, Sizes, and Lightings.

Source:Taiwan External Trade Development Council
Revise Date:2021-07-30
A pushbutton switch is a switch designed to accommodate a human finger that controls a machine or appliance by pressing and releasing the button. For machinery with complicated operations and various buttons, the demand for different colors or lights of pushbuttons is rising. This coloring and lighting enable users to identify what function the switch is bound to perform.

Push buttons are widely used in all areas of life, they come in various forms. Some are lighted, some are not; some are actuated with a toggle, some are selector switches that come with a rotary knob for selecting one of two or more positions. It’s important to know how your switch or push button needs to operate, and what environment the switch will be installed (for example, indoor or outdoor).

Designing and manufacturing push-button switches since 1978, SHANPU CO. LTD, is one of the global leaders in mechanical switch technology. Categories of SHANPU switches include: Illuminated Silent Switch, Illuminated Tact Switch, Navigation Module Switch, Led Illuminated Light Switches, Rotary Switches, Waterproof Switches, Metal Buttons Switches, Lcd Button Switches. All of the above switches can be customized with colors and graphic caps using laser marking technology.

SHANPU started as a plastic electronic-part manufacturer 40 years ago. It then transited to be a professional switch manufacturing factory with ISO 90001 certification -- the international standard for a quality management system (“QMS”). In 2011, SHANPU’s Illuminated LED Silent Push Button Switches and Smart Cap System were given the Taiwan Excellence Award. Their simple, waterproof, and colorful designs are not just beautiful but also durable. SHANPU uses the latest technology – Voice Coil Motor Tester, which runs at a speed of over 500 operations per minute to conduct damage tests. Product composition and structure design are extensively proven to meet the demand for long-lasting product life.

Speaking of durability, SHAPU push buttons are made of metal or thermoplastic which are quite durable and sturdy. For example, its LED Push Buttons are patented with the waterproof rating of IP67. The shell of the button is made of AISI/SUS 316 stainless material. This chromium-nickel stainless has high resistance for corrosion and tolerates high temperatures. This material is mainly used in furnace parts, heat exchangers, jet engine parts, and pharmaceutical tanks. This kind of LED push buttons are perfect for outdoors and safe to use in the dark.

Another beautiful and quality design is SHAPU’s 5-way LED Navigation Switch. The navigation buttons have an excellent tactile feel, and they actuate only 1 direction at a time to deliver accurate instruction. This switch is also waterproof with an IP65 rating. The metal anti-vandal housing sits on a panel cutting diameter of 30.0mm. The multi-option 5 push buttons utilize LED illuminations, and are popular in automotive, boat-building and marine industries, and some home automation and industrial controls.

SHANPU switch products offer the utmost choices of mounting styles, colors, sizes, and lighting. Whether it’s an LED illuminated Pushbutton Switch, Navigation Pushbutton Switch, LED Tactile Switch, Rotary Switch, or LCD Switch, multi-function switches Rotary Switches, the selection and customization sure support your design needs. This wide range of high-quality push buttons and illuminated buttons are now at unbelievable prices. Call SHANPU today and find out more! 

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Published Date:2021-07-30