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Subject: Introduction to comprehensive ...
Content: Foreign trade is the main power of motivation behind Taiwans economic development and stimulating ex...

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Introduction to comprehensive marketing resources expansion

Source:Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Revise Date:2020-07-28

    Foreign trade is the main power of motivation behind Taiwan's economic development and stimulating external trade is one of the Government's important tasks at this stage. Over the years, this Bureau has measured the changes in the international economic and trade situation and has been in line with the domestic industrial development policy and industry needs. In addition to strengthening the development of the new southbound market, it has also taken into account the layout of the advanced countries like Europe, the USA, Japan, the emerging markets and the Mainland's market, and the formulation of suitable local marketing practices for the 5+2 industries, the competitive export advantage of superior industries and other industries with development potential, according to the needs and characteristics of each industry.


    The various trade promotion business of this Bureau is to integrate government and private resources, to plan various projects to be carried out by the relevant professional legal institutions such as TAITRA, the Taiwan Textile Federation and through counseling of associations and manufacturers, among other things, help them to expand their markets overseas by using the following diversified approaches:


  1. Marketing expansion aspect: Through overseas buyers’ groups or marketing expansion groups, international buyers are solicited to buy from Taiwan. Through the overseas channel marketing activities, the use of the Taiwan Trade General Portal - "Taiwantrade" for promotion, to help manufacturers launch their campaigns to secure business opportunities, to build marketing channels and tapping potential buyers in overseas markets.
  2. Capacity building aspect: Carry out international market information mastery, research investigation and diffusion, spread, cultivating and matching international marketing talents, provide trade and financial support such as export financing and insurance concessions, use big data analysis to accurately grasp market opportunities, and strengthen manufacturers' export competitiveness.
  3. Advisory service aspect: Through the International Marketing Advisory Center set up by TAITRA with the Bureau of Foreign Trade, consulting experts provide customized professional advice on the overseas development problems faced by manufacturers and tailor the marketing resources to be used by manufacturers.
  4. Overseas service aspect: Through this Ministry and TAITRA's more than 120 overseas stations, we provide market information and services close to the export market, such as overseas business centers, Middle East Incubation Center, Taiwan Commodity Marketing Center and so on, to help manufacturers develop a new customer base, deepen their relationships with buyers, and expand the market layout.
  5. Image improvement aspect: TAIWAN EXPO will be held in the new southbound market to showcase Taiwna's hard and soft power in cultural tourism, education, agriculture, science and technology, medical care, industry, and so on, and will be marketing Taiwan as a whole; Taiwan's fine-art will be selected as the object of promotion, and various integrated marketing and communication tools will be used to enhance the international image of Taiwan's industry.

The following is the Bureau's plan to assist manufacturers in marketing: (For details, please refer to the quick search area for marketing resources)

Trade promotion work plan

(including Development of International Market(open separate new window),

Business Information Service (open separate new window),

Overseas Stations Service (open separate new window),

International Corporations Talent Training (open separate new window))

Subsidize associations to handle trade promotion activities

Subsidize companies or firms to participate in international exhibition supporting project

Subsidize the industry to develop the international market project

New Southbound Policy Market Innovation Marketing Development Project

Green Trade Promotion Project

Subsidize domestic public and private colleges and universities to send students on internship programs in emerging markets (open separate new window)

Taiwan Industry Image Enhancement Project

Smart Machinery Industry Promotion Project

Global Government Procurement Project

Textile Export Promotion Project

Trade Financing Project

(including preferential export financing, refinancing, insurance and export loans preferential credit guarantee )



Published Date:2020-07-23