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Subject: Export/import goods are free ...
Content: Promulgated on November 10,2005Ching (94)-Mou- No.09400619670To proclaim the revised prescription of...

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Export/import goods are free from the trade promotion service fees

Source:Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Revise Date:2020-09-09

Promulgated on November 10,2005
Ching (94)-Mou- No.09400619670

To proclaim the revised prescription of the range which is free from the trade promotion service fees and practice this item from this date on.

This announcement is prescribed in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 21 of the Foreign Trade Act and Executive Yuan - Tai  Ching –No. 0940043105A, October 17, 2005.

Announcement Affairs: Export/import goods below are free from the trade promotion service fees:

  1. Export goods from government institution and diplomat of embassies
  2. Exports of relief materials, professional materials of fixed equipments for personal ship, fuels and personal luggage
  3. Goods confiscated or waived by the owners and being managed by customs
  4. Import /Export of duty-free goods of bonded warehouses, bonded factories, material-efficient centers, Export Processing Zone, Science-Based Industrial Park, Agricultural biotechnology park and duty-free stores. But the dutiable goods being applied for import by bonded warehouse, the material-efficient center and other dutiable goods approved for import are not included
  5. Goods exported abroad from an enterprise in a Free Trade Port Area or to a  Bonded Area; goods shipped from a tax area or a Bonded Area  to a Free Trade Port Area.
  6.  Goods of transporting and re-importing/ re-exporting
  7. Imports applied as duty-free according to the tariff regulations, but those applied for the imports duty-free rules of customs are not included.
  8. The amount of trade promotion service fee for paying or mending is less than NT $100
  9. Goods of Triangular Business

Other goods specifically ratified by BOFT

Published Date:2019-02-23